Some Facts About Q&A Site Creation Proposal

Regarding that there’s already GIS Stack Exchange site available, some issues have been discussed on Meta GIS before with elite members of GIS SE.

Are people in this community interested in having a new site for other Geospatial technologies?

Should GIS.SE be widened to be

Clarifying future of Geomatics and Remote Sensing proposal in Area 51?

Some of them believed that a special site is needed and will be created in time and some didn’t. They finally decided to change the tour page a bit but advised me to give it a try to see if I can gather the critical mass regarding our discussion in the chat part about 2 years ago.

Also I’m not the first one who is trying to create such site. There has always been some vagueness about the scope of the site.

Someone else tried to create such site in 2013 but failed and their proposal was closed.

Is “pure” remote sensing question on topic for GIS SE?

Remote sensing in Geoscience?

I have also given my reasons for the necessity of a site.

Creation of a new site for remote sensing community

Maybe it’s better to aggregate this proposal with GIS.SE

And in a time I proposed to delete my proposal but some people disagreed.

Isn’t it better to close this proposal?

Also as you see some of the current committers to the proposal or followers of it are already active members of SE network (More than total 1K reputation) who already know that there are already some sites in the network that can cover some areas of remote sensing and photogrammetry. like:

  1. Vassilis
  2. Arthur
  3. la femme cosmique
  4. gerrit (One of the early founders of earth sience SE)
  5. PearsonArtPhoto
  6. Max
  7. BradHards
  8. maRtin
  9. drat
  10. hippietrail
  11. Dunk
  12. stardiviner
  13. David LeBauer
  14. George (The person who proposed to create GIS SE 6 years ago)
  15. Carto
  16. Trevor J. Smith
  17. Nxaunxau (The person who proposed to create a remote sensing Q&A site in 2013 but failed)
  18. iled
  19. Martin Valgur
  20. aldo_tapia
  21. nicholaschris
  22. mkadunc
  23. Kozuch
  24. Peter K.
  25. radouxju
  26. dassouki (One of early founders of GIS SE)
  27. Joe Kington (one of the early founders of Earthscience SE)
  28. Peter k. (The person who proposed to create Signal Processing SE and one of its current moderators , he’s also a well-known researcher)

So as you see ideas are different. Some people believe that creating such a site will harm the sustainable traffic of other related sites (eg. Cross Validated, GIS, Earth Sciences) but some don’t.

And I’m with the latter but I’ve provided you with the above information and it’s up to you to decide if we need a new site or not.

But if you think like me and want to commit to the proposal please be a little more active following the guidelines that I’ve provided.

The process of creating such site is community-driven as this page suggests. And remember as the following image shows:


Even if I succeed to gather 1k new users to the network till August 1st 2017, the site won’t proceed to beta because we need at least 100 users with 200+ reputation while we have just 36 at the time being.

Gaining 200 reputation in the network is not hard at all:

  • Each upvote to one of your question, will get you 5 reputation.
  • Each upvote to one of your answers, will get you 10 reputation.
  • Acceptance of one of your questions will get you 15 reputation.

So by answering a few questions that are listed in the RSS feed on the sidebar, you can easily gain that 200 reputation.

There are a lot of new users in the committers 125-36=89

Surely some of them have enough knowledge to answer some of remote sensing and photogrammetry related questions in GIS, Earth Science and Space Exploration that are listed on the right.

We are not only trying to create such site but also trying to gather more related researchers to Stack Exchange network.


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